SharkBite Fittings Review – Pro’s & Con’s

Push-to-connect fittings make plumbing repair or installation simpler and easier than ever. With SharkBite fittings, you can fix leaky pipes or copper pipes without plumber, soldering, or worse, replace the entire pipe.

This review will tell you more about SharkBite push-to-connect fittings, a fairly new plumbing accessory.

Are SharkBite fittings reliable, when should you use them?

Design of SharkBite fittings

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Inside the body of SharkBite fittings will have a collet and an o-ring. The collet has metal teeth to fasten the pipe into the fitting. The o-ring creates a safety seal to avoid leakage. With the simple design, SharkBite fitting is intended for easy and flexible installation, helping to create a secure seal for connecting PEX, PVC or copper pipes.

SharkBite 90 Degree Elbow Plumbing Pipe Connector, PEX Fittings, Push-to-Connect, Copper, CPVC

Made of brass

SharkBite fitting made from brass unleaded, so it will withstand more extreme conditions such as high temperatures or high pressures compared with plastic accessories. This material also helps it to operate under freezing temperatures without cracking.

Push-to-connect design

With a simple, easy-to-use design. You just need to cut the pipe, push the pipe into the fitting and you’re done. the collet will automatically clamp the pipe to the fitting while the o-ring in the fitting will create a secure connection.

When to use a SharkBite fitting

Shark Bite fitting is suitable for installing hot water heating systems because they are capable of withstanding extreme environmental temperatures, and the design made of brass Shark Bite fitting also withstand higher pressures. If you need to repair or replace copper plumbing in your home, use it with the PEX plumbing to get the most out of it.

SharkBite Straight Coupling Plumbing, Pex Fittings, Push-to-Connect, Coupler, Copper, Cpvc

Shark Bite is also approved for use in the ground or inside the walls, but be careful, it can pose risks to your plumbing. As you know, Shark Bite fitting has o-rings, which are not suitable for permanent connection. Over time, o-rings tend to get dry, leading to cracking or tearing. This will cause your plumbing to leak. If you need a fixed connection, we recommend using copper or preferably stainless steel crimp rings with the PEX crimp tool.

Installing a SharkBite fitting

Usually Shark Bite fitting will work effectively if you do it the right way.

SharkBite Tee Plumbing Pipe Connector, PEX Fittings, Push-to-Connect, Copper, CPVC

Do's and Dont's:

– DO cut the pipe properly by pipe cutter.

– DON’T cut the tube with a saw, knife or any other object. They will create scratches that prevent the o-ring from making a secure connection.

– DO push pipes to ensure they are connected.

– DO should be provided Deburring Pipe and Depth Gauge Tool to ensure that the fitting works correctly.

– DON’T use pipes that are dirty or scratched.

– DO to clean the pipe with the Deburring Pipe tool before fitting to ensure the o-ring works perfectly.

Is a Shark Bite fittings reusable?

SharkBite fitting is not a permanent connection, so you can completely reuse it. You can disconnect SharkBite fitting using the SharkBite Disconnect Tongs. However, over time the o-ring in fitting will oxidize, causing it to expand or wear. Therefore, the best SharkBite fitting should only be reused in temporary installation situations.

SharkBite End Cap Plumbing PEX Fittings, Push-to-Connect, Copper, CPVC

Pros and Cons of Shark Bite fittings

sharkbite fittings tool



Are Shark Bite fittings a bad idea or are they reliable?

With the push-to-connect creation comes with a strong brass body, a lot of people believe in SharkBite fitting. It is reliable and effective in emergencies. Although it is considered to be only suitable for temporary connections, in our experience as well as those who have been using, the leak is usually only a result of incorrect installation.

After all negative reviews, SharkBite fitting offers a strong and secure connection. It is also really suitable for emergency repairs. The SharkBite fitting deserves a place in your toolbox.