10+ Best Waterproof Tape For Leaking Purpose

Types of tape appear in our daily life as well as in a wide range of jobs since they are handy and necessary in numerous cases. However, under specific circumstances, water can make them ineffective, so manufacturers have produced waterproof tape.

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So is the best waterproof tape what you are looking for? Of course, that is why you are here. And we will not force you to wait longer. Your perfect choices are right below!

The best waterproof tape reviews

Summary Table

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1. SolutioNerd ST-1 - Best multi-functional waterproof tape

SolutioNerd Waterproofing Repair Tape is a superior tape to seal water crack or leak. It blocks the leaking of water very well by forming an airtight wall around the leaky section.

This product is very sustainable. It is capable of working at both high and low temperature as well as under high pressure. In our tests, we utilized the SolutioNerd waterproofing repair tape rubber to patch leaks in some hoses and pipes, an HVAC system, and a water heater with encouraging results.

Nonetheless, beware that the limit temperature of this tape is 200 degrees Fahrenheit, so it just will not melt in lower temperatures.

Commonly, beginners will make a mess the first time they use leak sealing products, but we promise that this tape is straightforward to use and you will not have to struggle with it. 

You can take advantage of the simple 4-step instruction and infographic that the manufacturer sends to your email. The tape will wrap to itself and stop leaks instantly without making a mess of adhesive. 

Yet, it is still best for you to practice and give a try with the beautiful “test” box included in the package to get used to its mechanism. 

A small notice is you should apply the product on a dry surface. If you intend to use it on wet surfaces, we recommend rapping the next layers the tightest possible so that it can cling to itself better.



2. Johnson & Johnson Band-aid tape - The best waterproof medical tape

At first glance, you can guess that the Johnson & Johnson is used for medical aid. Bingo! It is a great aid waterproof tape that sticks well to your skin and secures your wound perfectly.

The tape is fairly wide and looks opaque. Instead of smooth edges, its edges have sawtooth so that users can tear it and remove from the wounds without effort.

Such characteristics are wonderful because you may need to wrap and unwrap your wounded areas several times before they are fully healed.

There is a good news if you are allergic to latex. Since this tape is made out of dry natural waterproof rubber, which is friendly and safe to the sensitive skin of its users.

Well, some people complained that the Johnson & Johnson first aid waterproof tape was only 100% waterproof when stuck to itself but not human skin. On the flip side, many users found it worked well even when they wore the tape while taking a shower.

Anyway, we recommend changing the old tape and wrapping a new one around your wounds after it gets wet for several times. The tape is inexpensive, so there is no need to be too economical when it relates to your health.



3. Gorilla 6009002 Outdoor Duct Tape - The best outdoor waterproof tape

If you have spent days looking for a tape that can withstand the extreme weather conditions in outdoor applications, the Gorilla All Weather outdoor waterproof duct tape is what ends your long days of search. 

This outstanding duct tape uses butyl adhesive, which is a low tack strong adhesive that furnishes high stability regardless of time, heat, and weathering.  

It is capable of resisting drying, peeling, and cracking resulted from heat, cold, sunlight, and dampness. Though the limit temperature ranges from -40° F to 200° F, the average utilisation temperature is over 40° F.

The outdoor waterproof duct tape UV is usable on automotive, roofs, tarps, plastic sheeting (for example, polypropylene (PP) or polyethene (PE) plastic), RV’s, vents, and other generic heavy-duty repairs.

About inapplicable surfaces, this tape ought not to be utilized as an electrical tape and hardly works on materials with high plasticizer or oil content (e.g., PVC or EPDM tape rubber).  

Although this Gorilla waterproof patch 1.88″ x 25 yd black can be immersed after stick, the initial surface of its application needs to be free from dust, dirt, debris, and liquids. Otherwise, it is prone to peel off after several days.

It is easy to tear this Gorilla Tape manually, or you can use a pair of scissors or a knife to cut it. Like any other tape, just apply it directly on your intended surfaces.



4. Gorilla 6027002 Crystal Clear - The best transparent waterproof tape

The Gorilla Crystal Clear is a transparent tape with highly waterproof backing. Thanks to the heavy-duty adhesive layer, this tape can be used to fix and mount hefty objects.

This UV and temperature resistant tape takes pride in its amazing resistance against severe impacts. Its resistance against UV and temperature is appropriate for not only indoor but also outdoor projects as well. As a premium tape, it will not gradually become yellowish after a while like conventional ones.

The advantage of the Gorilla 6027002 over the Gorilla 6009002 is that its high-quality waterproof backing allows users to use it on wet surfaces and even underwater immediately. 

Moreover, the Gorilla Crystal Clear Duct Tape seems to offer endless application areas. In addition to wet and underwater conditions above, it is also able to seal and protect uneven and rugged surfaces like drywall.

Nevertheless, of course, a dry, clean, and smooth surface will be the best condition for the tape to achieve its optimal performance. Clean your hands thoroughly and maneuver the tape from its edges are also recommended to leave no fingerprint on it.

However, the applicable temperature limit of Gorilla Crystal Clear Duct Tape is shorter. It only works in the range between 10 degrees Fahrenheit and 120 degrees Fahrenheit.



5. T-Rex 241309 - The best waterproof tape for strong stickiness

The T-REX Ferociously Strong Tape is a super strong tape with three separate layers containing premium adhesive. Plus, the woven scrim is specifically designed for high tensile construction.

The materials that the manufacturer used to produce Trex Ferociously Strong vinyl plastic colored tape features an excellent resistance against tape UV and temperature

Therefore, users can be assured about the fabulous performance of the T-REX in the long run without fearing that the adhesive will get weaker and weaker over time.

The tough waterproof backing enables the strong duct tape to function in the damp environment and at high temperature. As advertised, the minimum and maximum temperature range in which it can work is 50°F and 200°F.

We find the Trex Ferociously Strong Duct Tape a wonderful friend for any homeowner, outdoors men, or craftsmen since it could cling tightly to brick, shingles, concrete, vinyl plastic siding, both non-painted and painted wood, and the list goes on!

Due to its premier stickiness, the strong duct tape is challenging to tear out by hand. The intense holding power of this Ferociously Strong tape is a strong point, but applying and removing it may turn out to matter a lot if you are just a novice.

Also, in our tests, it was less effective on metal and silicone rubber surfaces. So you had better consider it carefully before you make a purchase.



6. Gaffer Power GP-ClrDctPrntt Duct Tape - The best waterproof duct tape

Owing to the exceptional weather-resistance, this Gaffer tape is a superb transparent duct tape for both home uses and heavy-duty projects. No sun, rain, or even storm during sweltering summer days can knock down the Gaffer Power tape ninja

The weather patch is able to restore defective surfaces so exquisitely that nobody can realize the previous defect if they do not inspect them carefully.

Furthermore, because of the acrylic resin adhesive and the biaxially-oriented propylene backing, the tape can be torn into smaller strips at ease. 

Nonetheless, don’t mistake that a thin tape that is easy to tear is a flimsy one. The high strength of this tape ninja waterproof Gaffer tape makes it quite endurable. 

Considered as one of the best greenhouse tapes, this Gaffer tape finely attaches to a wide array of surfaces including both rugged and smooth surfaces such as glass, wood, brick, plastic, rubber, vinyl, and stucco, so on, except for metal.

The manufacturer stands by its commitment to the quality of this tape by actions rather than words only. Should any issue happens, your rights are protected by a guaranteed replacement or full money refund.



7. TradeGear TGX1BLACK Electrical Tape - The best waterproof tape for electrical line

Just by looking at this TradeGear TGX1BLACK, we can feel its sturdiness as a heavy-duty electrical tape. If you have a piece of naked electrical wire in your house, let’s quickly provide a firm insulation layer for it with this tape. 

The tape is made out of industrial-grade PVC, and its adhesive is made from premium sticky rubber resin. Hence, it can conform to sharp contours and hold a tight grip on electrical lines. 

We highly appreciate the strength of the tape. It is resistant to high voltage (up to 600V), high temperature (up to 176 °F), oil, alkalis, acids, UV, abrasion, humidity, and is non-flammable.

Believe us that its performance is not inferior to dedicated electric wire cover. If you are still in question and want some trustworthy proof, the UL certification is available.

Apart from wrapping naked electrical wires, you can also apply the tape for cable coding, quickly identifying electrical circuits, phases, branches, and feeders, or repairing spliced wires, wire bundling, cable insulation, and many more.

Regarding diversity, this colored tape comes in countless colors and patterns, including tape white, green, black, purple, red, gray, brown, yellow, orange, blue, 7-color pack, glossy, etc.



8. X-Treme Tape TPE-XZLB - The best Self Fusing Silicone Tape

The Xtreme tape TPE-XZLB is 15% thicker than its rivals in the same segment. This selffusing silicone tape is created with a patented silicone seal formula to deliver the highest bonding characteristics. And that is also the reason why the Tpexr1510zlb silicone rubber self fusing offers a great tensile strength.

The temperature range of this strong rubber silicone seal tape tpexr1510zlb is ultra-wide. We were totally impressed when we first knew that it could work at the temperature limit between -60°F (-50°C) to 500°F (260°C). 

This also means that the tape can easily cope with extreme weather conditions. Indeed, the tape Tpexr1510zlb silicone rubber self can also serve as an insulation layer with the effectiveness of up to 400 volts/mil.

What’s more, the adhesive of this self fusing tape is super strong and merges perfectly with cables of batteries. Still, the Xtreme tape Tpexr1510zlb is known to have poor results on smaller electrical wires (e.g., USB charger cables and likewise).

Unfortunately, the downside of the Xtreme Tape Tpexr1510zlb silicone rubber is that it is not 100% waterproof. Not to mention underwater environments, just don’t use it in too damp conditions or as a self fusing rubberized leak tape.



9. ProTapes Pro-Flex-6x50-B repair tape - The best flexible tape

For professional use, the Protapes Pro Flex Flexible tapes are capable of repairing different objects in both outdoor and indoor locations as it is highly resistant to UV, extreme temperatures, solvents, and chemicals. 

Its strong adhesive helps users fix any fault in moments, but the effect is permanent. But, of course, although the workable temperature range is from -70 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, indoor applications should keep it last longer than outdoor ones.

While many harmful products are out there, the fact that this flex tape contains no Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) makes it stand out from the crowd as a 100% safe solution for customers.

Yeah, it is nothing wrong with you to expect a flex tape rubberized to be flexible enough to conform to various shapes. Just make sure the surface is dry and clean, you can use the tape around curbs, chimneys, vents, antennas, tarpaulins, RVs, vans, trucks, rail cars, garden sheds, etc.

Excellent as it is, we felt frustrated when looking at its price tag. Hardly anybody can ever understand why it is several times more expensive than other competitive products in the same category.



10. Gorilla 4612502 Seal Tape - The best waterproof tape for sealing

Gorilla is a top brand in the market of waterproof tapes, so it is easy to understand why it has up to three products in our list. The Gorilla Waterproof seal tape is second to none in sealing out water, air, and dampness by creating a permanent bond

Its thick adhesive butyl layer is consistently efficient whether the applied environment is indoor, outdoor, or even underwater. And its rugged UV resistant backing can fight back direct sunlight. 

Besides, another characteristic that enables the product to patch holes, gaps, and cracks is its vast conformability. We have never found any surface on which this tape does not cling to!

Users can use this repair tape rubber silicone seal for a variety of applications. For instance, you can repair leaks on roofs, RVs, low-pressure hoses and pipes and hoses, gutter, vinyl pool liners, so on.

In terms of drawbacks, if you apply this tape on painted surfaces but tear it down later, it is likely to bring the paint with it. In other words, you should solely use it on paint-free objects.



Different Types of Waterproof Tape and their uses

As you can see, merely in the list above, there are numerous kinds of waterproof tapes, and each of them serves one or several different purposes or applications. 

Therefore, you had better get some basic knowledge about these tapes to pick the right product for yourself.

Below are the most common kinds of waterproof tapes available in the market:

  • Waterproof reflective tape: To reflect lights, this type of tape cannot be a black pack or a yd clear pack but must be a white or plastic colored tape
    It is typically a sticker for vehicles such as car, van, truck, van to be more visible in dark conditions.
  • Waterproof drywall tape: This is an ideal solution to fix the cracks, holes, and joints of drywall, plasterboard, stucco, and some other surfaces.
    Thanks to their special characteristics, these can work well on rugged and powdery surfaces.
  • Waterproofing repair tape: This is often a waterproof rubber tape (rubberized waterproof tape) that can repair big cracks, holes, or gaps on different materials such as metal, drywall, PVC, glass, ceramic, EPDM roofs, fabrics, and some types of plastics. 
    This kind of tape is very tough, and people can even use it to patch holes on boats, windows of cars and houses as a short-term solution.
  • Waterproof tape for plumbing (duct tape): Tape rubber silicone seal plumbers are specifically engineered to fix plumbing faults.  
    You can use this to seal the leaks on hoses and plumbing pipes, install showers and protect their joints and corners from water behind shower tiles and liners, or fix the holes of pools and patch leaks of liners and covers.
  • Waterproof mounting tape: Just like its name suggests, this firm tape is a great replacement for screws, welds, or rivets when you need to mount lightweight items (on the wall, for example).
  • Super thin waterproof vinyl plastic tape: A waterproof vinyl plastic colored tape can also be used to fix things just like a waterproofing repair tape rubber silicone tape. 
    However, people mainly use a thin waterproof vinyl plastic colored to repair faults on their electrical lines. It is not very relating, but this is also a suitable tape for packaging things.
  • Waterproof medical tape: This kind of tape is simply utilized for medical applications. It is good at safeguarding human skin from blistering and preventing water from infiltrating our wounds.

Buying guide

To purchase the best waterproof tapes among the massive number of brands and models in the market at present, it is indispensable for you to learn about the critical characteristics of waterproof tapes that determine their quality. 

Depending on your use, assess a waterproof tape depending on the following 10 key factors:

1. Waterproofing property

It is needless to say that the foremost feature of a waterproof tape is how well it fights against the infiltration of water. As a result, you must check this property of the product first of all. 

It is important that the adhesive face of the tape can cling to a wet surface but the other one does not get wet. To achieve the optimal waterproofing capability, the backing of the tape must be either vinyl or rubber.

2. Adhesive

Your waterproof tape had better feature a strong adhesive to fix patch holes, fix faults, mount things, and so on efficiently in the long run. If they are not clingy enough, time and external impacts will soon pull them out from surfaces.

Nonetheless, under rare circumstances, you may not want the tape to be too sticky if you need to remove them later. For example, if you use a medical tape that is too adherent to wrap your wound, you will suffer pain when you unwrap it.

3. Tensile Strength

The high chances are that the tape might have to handle heavy load or pressure. Consequently, a decent tensile strength is in need for long-lasting performance.

For instance, if you use the tape to package items tightly, you must stretch it tensely and keep it in a high tension state.

4. Ease of Use

We have encountered numerous complicated and annoying tapes that drive us crazy to use and remove. Therefore, a good tape should be easy to handle, remove, cut, etc.

5. Electrical Use

If you want to use a tape for electrical applications, remember to inspect it carefully and make sure that it is created for this purpose. Not all random tapes can endure high voltage and extreme temperatures in electrical lines.

6. Temperature Range

With different ingredients, every tape has a particular working temperature limit. Outside that range, the tape will not work or will deteriorate quickly.

For example, if the tape cannot work in the temperature higher than 50 degrees Celsius, you should not use it on electrical lines or outdoor.

On the other hand, if a silicone rubber self fusing tape cannot work in too low temperatures, do not use it in a cold storage.

7. Marking

Some people may overlook this, but it may be crucial to others. Whatsoever, a premium waterproof tape ought not to leave any mark on the skin of users or surfaces of items.

8. Size

Think about what you would do with the tape before you pick a suitable size. Do you need a narrow or a wide tape? A thick or thinner one would do well?

If you are going to patch large holes on your car windows, you need a wide tape. Multiple tiny lines of tape will not only cost you a lot of time but also work ineffectively.

Vice versa, a massive tape would be redundant, wasting and unnecessary to seal a tiny hole on your garden hose.

If you need waterproof tapes for various uses, you may buy a medium-size one or several tapes with different dimensions.

9. Durability

Those waterproof tapes not only help you to fix things but also sometimes safeguard them. Hence, they should be tough and long-lasting.

The durability of a waterproof tape relates to a number of factors such as material, adhesive, tensile strength, size, temperature limits, and more.

It is easy to understand why a super thin waterproof tape selffusing silicone is easier to wear and tear than a thick silicone rubber self fusing one, although both of them are self fusing rubberized tapes.

10. Safety

You should check the ingredients of the tape and ensure that they are all safe for users, especially if you plan to use the tape to wrap your wound, patch your (drinking) hose, fix the electrical line, etc.

Toxic compounds like sulfates or phthalates can make you allergic or suffer from other negative effects. A common sign is that these harmful substances typically come with unpleasant odors.

Apart from the components, a tape’s design may affect its safety level. Tapes with rough edges are likely to scratch users and result in bruises. 

It is a good idea to buy products that are certified and approved by reputable organizations like ANSI, UIAA, so on.


Answer: No, they are a bit different from each other. In fact, all duct tapes have the ability to resist water to a certain level. However, only a few duct tapes are specially formulated to be 100% waterproof. 

In short, water resistant tapes can still be penetrated by an amount of water, but waterproof tapes will never absorb water.

Answer: Sadly, it is absolutely not. You should only use products that are assigned to be suitable for your electrical line (for example, the TradeGear TGX1BLACK Electrical Tape). 

Answer: Of course, this factor varies according to products. But on average, a premium waterproof tape is able to withstand the maximum temperature of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit

Answer: Yes, it is possible. If a waterproof patch is heated for extended periods, it is likely to melt even within its temperature limit.

Answer: According to the activity rule of chemicals, all soluble substances will be dissolved in water and other liquids by forming hydrogen bonds. 

In waterproof tapes, manufacturers us vinyl or rubber as both the adhesive and a backing material to prevent any hydrogen bond with water. In this way, whether in the underwater environment or humid condition, waterproof tapes will not be affected.


As each type of waterproof tape is designed for different purposes, there is nothing called the best of all. Depending on your needs and our reviews, let’s pick the best waterproof tape for your own uses.

For instance, if you need the best waterproof tape for skin, pick the Johnson & Johnson Band-aid tape. Or if you want to buy the best emergency repair tape, go for the ProTapes Pro-Flex-6×50-B.

Now, the choice is yours!