Top 5 Best Tape Gun For Easy Packaging And Shipping Business

Why do you need a tape gun for your shipping packaging?

If you work in retail stores, warehouses, e-commerce shipping operations, or distribution companies, you will need a device of packaging tape to seal boxes professionally. The tape gun dispenser is a handy tool for you to process, package, or prepare to distribute products.

In addition to the carton sealing, the tool is also used to reinforce, package, wrap to help the product be fixed in the moving cartons and minimize damage during transportation.

How to choose the best product on the market? You should refer to our list of top 5 as well as things to keep in mind when deciding to buy. Then you can get the most satisfactory packaging tape dispensers.

Now let’s get started with our reviews for the best packing tape dispenser.

Our Review Of The Best Tape Guns

ZITRIOM Packing Tape Dispenser Gun

Topping our list is the excellent industrial packing tape gun from Zitriom.

How good is it?

This product has an adjustable brake for excellent tension control and quick and efficient packaging and sealing. As a result, you can keep everything you need in place and secure in a carton.

Not only that, the side loading design makes your packaging safe and easy to use while the metal flap allows roll-down without tearing.

How about its construction?

You have a strongly-built tape gun with painted steel frame and plastic handle, sharp blade and ergonomic adjustment plate under the roller. The manufacturer also offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied or have a problem with the product.

Finally, this tape gun comes with a free 2-inch, 2.6-mil-thick standard tape and you can use it with most 2-inch wide packing rolls of tapes on the market.

Be warned: The instructions have only three images on the box, and they are not clear.

Despite this, if you have a lot of boxes to tape, you can consider getting this excellent tape gun.



Tape King TX100 Packing Tape Dispenser Gun

Our second suggestion comes from a famous brand of tape gun, the Tape King. Let’s meet the Tape King TX100 model.

What can you expect from this hand-held industrial tape gun?

With a heavy-duty metal housing for the mechanism protection, this tape gun dispenser is durable and offers the perfect performance for your packaging jobs. You can use it at home, office, and warehouse.

Thanks to the large handle, users have maximum comfort and ease to carry out large workloads. Additionally, it’s safe for you to use the hand-held industrial side loading system and the easy-to-flip metal flap. Now you can load new rolls and cut the tape smoothly without tearing or splitting.

What’s more?

You can use the brake for adjustable tensions to pack quickly. With its lightweight and simple-to-use function, you can complete the packaging, sealing and covering boxes without getting tired all day long.

Lastly, like any other gun tapes, you also have a free roll of 2-inch tape to use with this product. 

However, the only negative is the bad smell of free tape. You can change the tape if you are sensitive to smell. 

Overall, the tape king tx100 packing tape dispenser gun makes your job of packing boxes with sealing tapes easy and quick. Bring home one when needed.



Uline H-150 Tape Dispenser

Next, we want to introduce you to the industrial side loading tape gun with simple design. It’s the Uline H-150.

Here are some fantastic features of this model.

The highlight of this tape gun is its straightforward design. You can insert the tape from the side very quickly and use adjustable brakes to control the tensions.

Moreover, the adjustable brake also has a sharp and precise blade to stop tape rolling quickly and neatly. Thanks to that, you don’t have to waste a lot of time and effort for a large amount of carton packaging work.

Let’s talk about the material.

Unlike other models in our review, this tool is made of synthetic material. So it gives you a light, durable and beautiful product. Uline also equips wheel sizes suitable for holding standard tape properly without falling off the tape gun.

You need to pay attention to the metal tab located in front of the tape dispenser to avoid sticking and handle the tape correctly when it comes out too quickly.

Also, it may be difficult for users with very small hands to grip the handle of this side loading tape dispenser.

All in all, you should buy this hand dispenser gun which is recommended by UPS and FedEx guys if you want to speed up creating boxes and sealing packages.



Magnelex Tapexpert Packing Tape Gun

One of the most comfortable tape guns is from the Magnelex Tapexpert. Check out its outstanding features here.

With an excellent and very reliable design, you use little effort to complete all kinds of shipping, moving, carton and sealing boxes.

To enhance the smooth operation and reduce hand fatigue, Tapexpert makes lightweight and an easy-to-grip plastic handle and durable metal casing to protect the mechanism for years of use. It also provides excellent performance with an adjustable brake for excellent tension control and easy tape loading.

You can use this tool right away with the free packing tape. Don’t forget to see the clear images of the user manual on the package. With a 100% money-back guarantee from the manufacturer, it might be your best purchase decision for tape gun.

Note that the tape may get stuck to the metal guide on the front of this hand-held tape gun.

Beyond that, this Tapexpert packing tape gun is ideal for handling in wrapping without interruption.



Tach-It EX2 Tape Gun

You soon reach our last top pick for heavy-duty jobs. The Tach-It EX2 Tape Gun features many useful functions for you. Some of them are a steel frame and hard blade, a firm rubber roller, and an adjustable tape brake.

More specifically, the sturdy materials are durable to finish precisely many heavy-duty packing for a long time. Also, the blade maintains sharpness avoiding wear and tear over time.

The design of roller and brake makes it easy to use, and you can cut the tape without fear of tape damage. You need to use the type of widths suitable for recommendations from the manufacturer to increase product durability and avoid wasting tape. Finally, the Tach-It EX2 has a moulded finger-grip handle for maximum operator comfort. 

One thing to complain about is the instruction. This 2-inch hand-held industrial tape gun doesn’t come with assembly instruction.

In case you need to roll out the tape smoothly and cut quickly, try this tape gun from Tach-It now. This heavy-duty tape dispenser is very helpful for taping up boxes at home or in a heavy-duty shipping company.



You should buy the best tape gun for sealing boxes quickly

You should buy the best tape gun for sealing boxes quickly

Buying Guide Of The Best Tape Dispenser Guns

If you want to do your packing works fast and effectively, you should keep the following in mind when buying the best tape dispenser. 

Here they are.

Product Material

Remember that you will use the industrial packing tape dispenser at a high frequency, so you need a product made of durable material. Many manufacturers use high-quality plastic with stainless steel to increase the durability of the product. You should choose these materials for your tape gun.


You should choose smooth and round rollers so as not to get stuck while using. If you use the packing tape dispenser with different types of box sealing tapes, you need to pay attention to find the standard roller size.

Gun Dispenser

If you want to release tape quickly without hassle, you need to choose a gun dispenser with a size that fits the width of the tape. Besides, a smooth dispenser made from good material helps you release the tape efficiently and adequately.


A right brake helps you break and cut the tape exactly where you press without leaving extra parts that can damage the roll. You should also note that the cutting blade of the device must be sharp to support tape cutting.


How should you choose a handle? 

This unit needs to offer optimal comfort, ease of use and excellent grip. The trick here is to choose a rubber-coated handle to enhance comfort and grip for you. Then you can use the sealing tape dispenser all day long without fatigue.

The best tape gun is useful for office products and consumer goods

The best tape gun is useful for office products and consumer goods

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Tape Gun?

It is a supporting tool for users to use duct tape for packaging and sealing. It has a handle, roller, brake system and dispenser. You put the tape on the roller to release it properly and use the brake and dispenser to stop the tape at the position you want.

How Can I Use A Tape Gun?

It’s essential to set up and accurately handle the tape gun. First, you load the tape into the gun by inserting it from the side to the roller. Then, you pull the tape under the roller and use it to pack and steal the cartons. You can activate the brake to stop the tape from rolling and cut it wherever you want.

How Can I Stop The Tape Rolling?

There’s no need to buy any additional accessories to stop the tape because the tape gun has a brake system to stop releasing the tape rolling at the desired point.

Can I Use Any Packing Tape With My Tape Gun?

No, you can’t. To use the gun for a long time, you need to buy the rolls of tapes that the gun accepts or tapes recommended by the manufacturers.

Let’s Wrap and Roll Your Boxes Perfectly Now!

As mentioned above, the tape gun gives you the most professional and economical packaging style. To find the suitable tool for your demands, you need to pay attention to the material and some main parts of the product such as roller, dispenser, brake and handle.

After reading our review, you can know that each brand has its own advantages. We have a few suggestions for you.

If you need a high-end product, Zitriom tape gun is the right choice. Besides, the Uline H-150 offers you a well-built and straightforward design. 

When it comes to functional products, you can count on the Tape King TX100. Last but not least, Tapexpert tape gun enhances user convenience and comfort while Tach-It EX2 gives you high-performance tools.