Best PEX Crimp Tools for Pipe Task

DIY plumbers can agree that installing PEX pipes in a building or home is easier than before. PEX pipes are easier to install than copper and PVC pipes. They’re flexible, durable and affordable. And they perform excellently if you install them as water supply pipes or heating and cooling pipes of a building.

But just like any other installation, you will need a tool during PEX pipe connections. So, what tool will you need? The answer is simple: the best PEX crimp tool. With the best tool at hand, you will cut down the installation time. Also, you will have a hassle-free installation time.

In this review, we’re bringing you the PEX crimp tools that are worth looking into. They perform exceptionally well and will see you complete the job in a short time without any hassle. Read on for more information.

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Let's choose what is the best PEX crimp tool with us!

#1. IWISS F1807 Copper Ring Crimping Tool Kit

Our rate by features
Easy to use 94%
Value for money 94%
Sturdiness 98%
Versatility 92%



If you opt for this kit, you get a few tools to get you started on your PEX pipe installation project. This kit includes a PEX crimping tool, PEX cutter, copper ring removal tool, a gauge, interchangeable jaws, and a wrench.

You might ask yourself the question: “What is the best PEX crimp tool?” The answer is probably this PEX crimp tool kit by IWISS, and for a good reason! First, high-quality carbon steel metal goes into constructing the components of this crimping tool.
As a result, this is one of the most durable tools on the market. With proper operation, it can last you up to 10 years. With interchangeable jaws, you can crimp different-sized copper rings. The HEX spanner (wrench) will help you adjust this tool’s crimping force. This makes this tool versatile during PEX piping projects.

If you need to re-use the brass or poly fittings, you can always remove the ½ to 1-inch copper rings using the copper ring removal tool that comes with this kit. This kit includes a traveling case for hassle-free portability.

The handles of the tools are ergonomic for comfortable PEX pipe connections. Despite being high-quality, this kit is very affordable. It is a must-have kit for professional PEX pipe plumbers.

#2. IWISS PEX Pipe Crimping Tool Kit with Cutter Suits

Our rate by features
Easy to use 94%
Value for money 96%
Sturdiness 95%
Durability 90%



The first thing you notice about this product is its sturdy carrying case. This case makes transportation of this product convenient. And inside the case, there is a PEX crimp tool, PEX cutter, gauge, spanner, and four press jaws.

The jaws are as follows: 1/2inch, ¾-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1-inch jaws. As such, this is another universal crimper to consider having in your tools store. This PEX crimper works great with copper rings. During the installation of PEX pipes, you can effortlessly crimp copper rings after connecting the PEX pipes to poly or brass fittings.

If you’re wondering which PEX crimping tool is best, then this IWISS PEX Pipe Crimping Tool Kit might be the answer. Its body construction is heat-treated metal. As such, it is one of the most durable crimping tools on the market.

Also, this crimping tool has a short length, making it more compact. So, if you’re looking for the best PEX crimp tool for tight spaces, this tool might serve you better. The wrench in the carrying case comes in handy when changing the jaws. It also helps you adjust the tool’s crimping force.

The tool is, therefore, versatile since you can change the jaws to crimp different-sized copper rings. Once you are done crimping the rings, you can check if you have a leak-proof connecting using the gauge. This product has all the items you need for successful crimping.

#3. IWISS Combo Angle Head PEX Pipe Crimping Tool Kits

Our rate by features
Easy to use 85%
Value for money 88%
Sturdiness 92%



This tool kit includes two PEX crimping tools — ½-inch and ¾-inch crimping tools. These tools have angled heads for crimping PEX pipes in tight spaces. As such, it is one of the best pex crimp tool for tight spaces.

During the PEX pipe connection, you will always need a PEX pipe cutter. This kit also includes a sturdy, highly durable PEX cutter. This cutter works with 1/8 to 1-inch PEX pipes. It has a stainless-steel blade and aluminum alloy handles for unmatched durability and performance.

The crimping tools have been factory-adjusted already. You, therefore, don’t need any calibrations. Simply use them right out of the box. If you’re looking for durability, then sourcing this tool kit from the market is a noble idea.

The jaws of the crimping tools have been polished. This is to make sure the tools don’t damage your PEX pipes or copper crimp rings. Every component of this kit is high-quality and meets the ASTM F1807 standards.

You will appreciate the lightweight, ergonomic handles of the tools for a fatigue-free PEX pipe installation. Once you have completed making the connection, check for any unsecured fitting with the Go/No-Go gauge that’s included in this kit.

#4. Sharkbite PEX crimp tool 23251 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch

Our rate by features
Easy to use 92%
Value for money 94%
Sturdiness 94%
Accuracy 97%
Easy to remove 95%



One thing that you might love about this tool is its high-quality and rugged construction. It is, therefore, durable and will serve you for years to come. Also, it has ergonomic handles. This means it has an excellent grip that will boost your installation performance.

The head of the tool can squeeze PEX copper rings of two sizes — 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch PEX copper rings. The dual-head design eliminates the need to change the head if you need to crimp copper rings of varying sizes.

If you opt for this sharkbite crimping tool, you also receive a Go/No-Go gauge for checking if you have a leak-proof connection. The tool has compound hinges. As a result, it excellently crimps copper rings. If you combine the hinge design with high-quality construction, you probably get the best quality PEX crimp tool.

And you can use this tool when installing copper, C-PVC and PE-RT pipes. As a result, this crimping tool is versatile. It has no calibrations, making crimping copper rings easier.

The attention to detail and quality on this tool makes it ideal for use during domestic and commercial PEX pipe installations. If you’re a professional PEX pipe installer, or you’re a first-timer, this PEX crimping tool might be your favorite tool.

#5. iCrimp Ratchet PEX Cinch Tool

Our rate by features
Easy to use 94%
Value for money 92%
Sturdiness 97%
Presentation 95%



This product contains all the items you need to make a successful PEX pipe connection. If you opt for this product, you get a PEX cinch tool, PEX pipe cutter; 20, 1/2-inch PEX clamps; and 10, 3/4-inch PEX clamps.

The PEX cinch tool is durable since high-quality steel goes into its construction. The steel is forged to add to the tool’s service life! Also, the jaws of this cinch tool have been processed with the Wire EDM cutting for cinching the stainless-steel clamps.

If you’re also looking for a cinch tool that can also remove the PEX pipe clamps, consider buying the iCrimp Ratchet PEX Cinch Tool. The tool lets you remove the clamps so you can re-use the PEX fittings. The price tag on this product is affordable and inexpensive.

This makes it an ideal tool for DIY plumbers at the entry-level. Besides, it is easy to use. This tool has a ratcheting design and self-releasing mechanism that lets you cinch clamps effortlessly. It removes the need for any calibration since it has already been factory adjusted.

You can use your tool right out of the box. Versatility is another benefit of this tool. It can cinch stainless-steel clamps of sizes ranging from 3/8 to 1-inch, regardless of their manufacturers.

#6. KOTTO PEX Crimping Clamp Cinch Tool

Our rate by features
Easy to use 90%
Value for money 92%
Sturdiness 90%
Easy to remove 90%



This is a PEX clamp cinching tool. It comes with a PEX pipe cutter and different-sized stainless-steel clamps. The clamps include 20, ½-inch clamps and 10, ¾-inch clamps. As such, this product contains all the vital components of the PEX pipe installation kit.

The clamp cinching tool can also remove the clamps. This helps you re-use the fittings elsewhere. If you need to cinch clamps of various sizes, then this tool could be what you’re looking for. It can cinch 3/8-inch, ½-inch, 5/8-inch, ¾-inch, and 1-inch stainless-steel clamps.

You also don’t need to calibrate the tool. That’s because it has already gone through factory adjustments. You can, therefore, use it right out of the box. If you’re looking for durability, you should opt for this tool. High-quality manganese steel goes into its construction and build. This material is oil-hardened for unmatched durability.

The handles of the cutter and tool are ergonomic for comfortable PEX pipe installation. High-quality and comfortable rubber coats the handles of the tool and cutter. This tool is also versatile. Besides cinching different-sized clamps, it can also work with heavy-duty rope clips, and adjustable car and truck hose clamps.

This makes it one of the best crimping tool for PEX. This product comes in a storage bag for ease of transportation. It is an easy-to-use tool with its ratchet-safety function. Even first-time DIY plumbers can use it without any hassle.

#7. IWISS PEX Pipe Clamp Cinch Tool

Our rate by features
Easy to use 94%
Value for money 96%
Sturdiness 97%



This is yet another universal cinch tool for professionals and amateurs alike. It is easy to use and features high-quality materials in its construction. It cinches 3/8-inch, 1/-inch, 5/8-inch, ¾-inch, and 1-inch stainless-steel clamps.

And this tool comes with 20 x ½-inch stainless-steel camps, and 10 x ¾-inch clamps. Your clamp needs are already taken care of if you opt for this PEX cinching tool. If you also need to make a PEX connection on your motor vehicle or yacht’s fuel-line, then this tool will come in handy.

It is easy to use for a few reasons: First, it has already been factory adjusted. As such, you can use it right out of the package. But if you need to calibrate it in the future, you can do so using the calibration tool that it also comes with. Second, the handles of this tool are ergonomic for comfortable PEX installations.

Lastly, this tool has a ratchet-safety function. This feature guarantees fast and reliable PEX pipe connections. You will see its universal feature if you try to install any ASTM F2098 stainless-steel clamp from any manufacturer. Therefore, this product is one of the best PEX crimping tool kits on the market, and you should consider checking it out.

Some tips to buying the best PEX crimp tool

Copper ring crimp system

Buying the best PEX crimping tool relies on looking out for a few factors. So, what factors are we talking about?

The length of the tool

The length of a PEX crimp tool affects its performance and effectiveness. PEX crimp tools come in varying lengths of the handles. If you need to crimp copper rings on far away PEX pipes, long-handled tools could be the answer you’re seeking.

But for nearer PEX pipes, choose tools with shorter handles. Also, consider buying a tool with shorter handles if you want to crimp PEX in tight spaces. You should, therefore take the length of the tool into consideration before buying it.

The size of the crimping clasp

This is the same as the size of the jaws. You want to make sure you are buying a crimping tool with the right jaw-size. PEX crimp tools have jaw sizes ranging from ¼ to 1-inch. Buy a tool whose jaws will fit around the PEX pipe and copper crimp rings that you’re working with.

Alternatively, you can buy a tool with interchangeable jaws. Such tools come in handy when crimping copper rings of various sizes. They’re ideal tools to opt for if you are not sure of the PEX and ring size you will be working with.

The calibration

After some time of usage, PEX crimp tools stretch out. Their jaws then don’t snugly fit the rings and the PEX pipe as before. This leaves you with only one option: calibration of the tool. As such, buy a tool that lets you re-calibrate it in future should the crimping clasp stretches out.

You can always find tools that have already been calibrated from the factory. They’re a great option. But make sure they leave room for future re-calibrations.

The ratchet function

PEX crimping tools with a ratchet function release from connectors effortlessly after crimping the copper rings. As such, it improves a tool’s efficiency and shortens the PEX pipe connection time. It is a must-have feature of a crimping tool. Always buy a tool with this vibrant feature.

The durability

The material of use to construct a crimping tool affects its service life. Choose a tool that features sturdy metal in its design and construction. The materials to look out for are stainless-steel and high-carbon steel.

Also, look for specially treated materials such as heat-treated metals if you want durability from a tool. Opting for a durable tool is economical in the long run. You will use your tools for years before having to replace it. This works to save you both time and money.

The ergonomic design

Make sure to buy a tool that has a comfortable grip. Such tools will reduce hand fatigue hence prolonging your PEX pipe connection projects. But how do you choose a tool with ergonomic handles? Start by looking if the handles have a comfortable coating. A high-quality rubber is a nice material to look out for. They make the handle slip-resistant and comfortable at the same time.

Warranty on the tool

Warranty is there to protect you from any defect on the tool due to the manufacturer’s error. Always look for the warranty information and check how long you are covered. PEX crimping tools come in many brands. And each brand offers a different warranty length. Choose a tool with a longer warranty period for longer protection.

The weight of the tool

The weight of the tool is yet another important factor to consider. Heavy tools are hard to work with since they take a toll on your hand muscles. Also, they’re less portable. But you can crimp PEX pipes with a lightweight tool effortlessly.

Also, they’re highly portable. Make sure you are choosing a light tool if you want prolonged operation and high portability.

Frequently Asked Questions

# PEX Crimp vs. PEX clamp; which one is the best?

PEX tool set

Both of these connections secure fittings into PEX pipes for leak-free performance. The tool for making each connection is, however, different. For crimp connections, you will need a PEX crimping tool. But for a clamp connection, a PEX cinch tool will be your best friend. These connections have a few pros and cons. Clamping connections use stainless-steel clamps. These clamps resist corrosion better than the copper rings used in the crimp method. 

As such, use the clamping method for direct-burial connections. But crimp rings are readily available. We have a detailed article here: PEX Crimp vs. PEX Clamp: Which Tool is The Best?

# What are some of the best connections for PEX?

When looking to install PEX pipes, you can always rely on the following connections:

# Can I crimp PEX pipes with pliers?

It might be possible to crimp a PEX pipe with pliers. But this is not recommended for a few reasons:

  • First, the pliers might damage the crimp rings and the PEX if you press the handles. PEX crimping tools have jaws designed to crimp copper rings without damaging them.
  • Secondly, pliers might not crimp some copper rings. Some copper crimping rings have larger sizes. Such rings will need a PEX crimping tool with interchangeable jaws for excellent crimping. Besides, pliers don’t have an adjustable crimping force!

# How long can a PEX pipes last?

PEX pipes have gained popularity because of their flexibility, durability, and ease of installation. They’re more durable than copper pipes. The average lifespan of a PEX is 50 years! That impressive durability has made them ideal for use in the radiant heating system of domestic homes and industries. Also, they perform well if used as water supply pipes.

# How do I know that I have crimped the ring correctly?

You will use a Go/No-Go gauge to check if you have correctly crimped a ring. Most PEX crimping tools come with their gauge for checking the connections that you have made. To check for secure and leak-free connections, slip the Go slot of the gauge over the crimped ring. If it goes smoothly over the ring, you have made a water-tight connection. You can follow this guide to know how to use your tool in the simplest and easiest way.

So, what is the best PEX crimp tool?

People usually ask themselves this question. The answer depends on a few factors. Luckily, you now have a buyer’s guide to help you source the best crimp tool for the job at hand. The best tool for you might not be best for another plumber because of the differing nature of our jobs.

As such, shop for the tool that will complete your project after assessing your project’s requirements. This review has some incredible tools to look into. You might get the tool for your project from this list. Take the initiative to stock your tools store with only the best PEX crimp tool.