7 Best Pneumatic Staple Gun Reviews

Pneumatic staple gun a.k.a Compressed air staple gun are the most powerful staple gun hence used for heavy duty work and mostly found with the construction workers. In the market there are various types and brands of pneumatic guns available, getting the right gun is a difficult task and you need to spend a lot of time on researching and reading reviews.

Here we are going to answer the most important questions related to pneumatic staple gun and we also whittle the list down to 7 best pneumatic staple guns to help you in making the quick and right decision.

To understand what a staple gun is and the types of staple guns, I would recommend reading our previous article.

Let’s review the features, pros and cons of top 7 best pneumatic staple guns.

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7. Makita AF506 Pneumatic Staple Gun for Wood Related Work

This Makita brand pneumatic nailer deals with nail size from 5/8” to 2”. It weighs 3 lbs with a magazine capacity of 100 nailers, so in one load you can do a lot of nailing work. This nailer is ideal for flooring, crown molding & baseboard installation and other wood related work

Our rate by features
Easy to use 96%
Durability 94%
Maneuverability 94%
Light weight 94%
Value for money 94%



  • In cornered areas it can easily nail thanks to its narrow nose design as well as it gives precise contact due the cast and machined nose piece
  • The wood surface is protected from scratches because of the rubber bumpers and nose.
  • It comes with a depth adjustment dial to accomplish different kinds of projects on various materials.
  • The ergonomic rubber grip protects from slipping and gives a comfort to your hand.
  • It has a 180° rotatable tool hook which gives a convenience to use it.
  • The dual nail reload window keeps you alert to avoid blank drives and inform you when to reload.
  • The 360° multi directional exhaust port exhausts the air away from you.
  • It easily clears jam nails thanks to the tool less cam lock opens the nail assembly very quickly.
  • The innovative design minimizes downtime and increases its efficiency.

It is designed uniquely to extract jammed nails. The selective trigger allows the user to manage sequential and contact nailing.

This powerful pneumatic staple gun can drive nails in tough materials with minimal effort. This is a very convenient and easy to use tool.

6. Metabo HPT Furniture Building Pneumatic Staple Gun

This Hitachi power tool is now renamed as Metabo HPT. This tool box includes safety glasses, hex bar wrenches, NT50AE2 brad nailer, air fitting, No-mar tip and carrying case. It is ideal for furniture building and trim work.

Our rate by features
Easy to use 92%
Value for money 86%
Light weight 96%
Maneuverability 96%



  • It comes with a tool less depth adjustment.
  • It’s a very light weight power tool that weighs only 2.2 lbs. The lightweight ness allows you to use it easily through the day without letting your hands tired.
  • This 18 gauge fastener tool allows you to load 5/8” to 2” brad nailers.
  • The no-mar tip protects the surface or material to get scratch or damaged.
  • You can easily adjust the drive depth by using the drive dial.
  • Oil, debris and dust can easily come off the tool by using the 360° adjustable exhaust port.

It comes with a selective actuation which allows you to select two modes of fire, bump or contact with a simple switch. The visual nail reload lets you avoid the drive blank nails which helps you keeping the consistency in work.

5. DEWALT Brad Nailer Kit - Powerful Pneumatic Staple Gun

This DEWALT Brad Nailer kit is one of the most powerful tools in the pneumatic staple gun world for light use because of its average penetration. If you regularly work with soft and thin material then this lightweight tool is recommended to purchase.

Our rate by features
Easy to use 96%
Value for money 88%
Light weight 92%
Maneuverability 90%



  • Its magnesium body gives it a strong and lightweight feature.
  • It comes with a long life motor which requires no maintenance.
  • The nails can be removed easily due to the built in tool free jam release mechanism.
  • Its operating pressure is 70-120 psi. The rear exhaust helps to keep the contaminates away which prevents it to meddle with your work.
  • The integrated rubber comfort grip gives a good non slip grip and reduces the stress on your hand which lets you work long hours.
  • It drives 5/8” to 2” length 18 gauge nails.
  • The sequential style trigger helps you to fire staples effectively on any surface.

The non marring nose tip is easily removable. It also comes with an adjustable belt hook which keeps the tool near to the user and avoids dropping it while working at high places. The easily reloadable magazine comes with a capacity of 100 staples only. 

4. BOSTITCH Stapler - Fastest Firing Staple Gun

This toll from Bostitch is one of the fastest firing staple guns in the pneumatic staple gun world. The rapid fire engine is capable of firing 10 or more staples per second, which is enough for any heavy duty work.

Our rate by features
Easy to use 94%
Value for money 92%
Light weight 92%
Maneuverability 92%



  • With the powerful rapid fire engine it is also a very lightweight tool weighs only 4.2 pounds.
  • The flip open nose easily clears the jam, reduces the downtime and increases productivity.
  • This tool is ideal to use for vinyl sliding, sheathing and roofing because you can use staples with a length form 7/16” to 2”.
  • It comes with a contour grip to give comfort to your hand.
  • The selectable trigger helps you to switch between sequential and contact operation.

Furthermore, it features a flexible rafter hook, vinyl sliding adapter helps in sliding installations. You can even easily adjust the drive depth based on the material. This tool can be considered as one of the best 7/16 crown stapler.

3. Surebonder 9600B Pneumatic Heavy Duty Standard T50 Type Stapler

The Surebonder 9600B Pneumatic staple gun is one of the top rated guns in the market. This heavy duty staple gun can be used for a wide variety of work from upholstery repair to heavy tasks such as roofing work.

Our rate by features
Easy to use 98%
Value for money 99%
Light weight 96%
Maneuverability 95%



  • This is a versatile tool that can be used for various works such as putting up house wrap, installing insulation, laying down roofing felt, door repair, crafting picture frames, finishing cabinet backs etc.
  • It comes with speed and power which makes it a perfect tool to use for heavy duty work.
  • It has a quick release magazine with a capacity of 100 staples. The quick reload mechanism reduces the refilling time.
  • It comes with a stapler tracking window which lets you avoid empty drives.
  • The inbuilt safety mechanism prevents from accidental firing.
  • It has an adjustable air exhaust so you can easily direct the air away from you while working.
  • Uses narrow crown 18 gauge wire staples of various lengths of 1/4″,5/16”,3/8″,1/2″,17/32″ and 9/16”.
  • Accepts and gives a great performance with Surebounder #4, Stanley TRA 700 or Arrow T50 staples.

This tool box includes the staple gun, 1/4” quick release connector, 2 hex wrenches and the carrying case makes it a perfect tool box for both light and heavy duty work.

2. Hitachi N3804AB3 1/4" Narrow Crown Light Weight Pneumatic Gun

Another Hitachi brand stapler took place in our article. This tool is ideal for cabinet, counter top, furniture assembly and trim work. It can also be used for stapling on high strength thin materials like floor underlayment, cabinet backs, soffit plywood etc.
Our rate by features
Easy to use 90%
Value for money 90%
Light weight 90%
Maneuverability 90%



  • It is one of the light weight pneumatic guns with a weight of 2.3 pounds and this light weightness helps the tool to be well balanced.
  • Comes with a tool free depth adjustment so you don’t have to adjust the pneumatic pressure by messing with the compressor.
  • It has an ergonomically designed single flip switch which helps you to quickly switch between contact to single actuation.
  • Designed with a non-slip elastomer grip and trigger which gives a comfort to your hand for longer period of use.
  • The 360° exhaust port let you control the direction of the exhaust air so it won’t blow up on your face.
  • It comes with a no-mar tip which protects the work surface from scratches and damages.
  • It uses a 18 gauge narrow crown staple of various lengths from 1/2″ to 1-1/2″.

This tool box comes with the stapler, no-mar tip, safety glasses, hose fitting and a carrying case for easy storage. This tool can be considered the best staple gun for soffit and other high strength thin materials.

1. Porter-Cable US58 1/4-Inch to 5/8-Inch 22-Gauge C-Crown Upholstery Staple Gun

Porter cable has taken place as the best pneumatic stapler in our curated list. This is a next-gen stapler gun that comes with all the required features you need in a pneumatic staple gun.

Our rate by features
Easy to use 96%
Value for money 98%
Light weight 98%
Maneuverability 98%



  • It is one of the lightweight pneumatic staple guns weighing only 1.8 pounds.
  • It has a 1” nose extension which helps the gun to use in tight spaces.
  • The rear exhaust port controls the excess air direction to avoid blowing up on your face.
  • The operating pressure is 70-120 psi so it will work with most of the available compressors in the market.
  • The convenient bottom load magazine has a capacity of 185 staples which let you use for a longer period on big projects.
  • On every firing the uniquely designed driver guide retracts and this mechanism easily clear the jams from the magazine.
  • It has a long lasting steel top cap.

Varieties of 3/8″ crown staples and the standard Senco C Type 22 gauge staples can be used for different jobs for better performance. Many customers have recommended this staple gun as the best pneumatic staple gun for upholstery.

Now is buying guide

After going through the above 7 top pneumatic staple guns by now you must have an idea about the features, brands and price of the top guns available in the market. Here I am going to list out a few points which you should consider while purchasing a pneumatic staple gun.


The pneumatic staple guns are on a higher price range, so before you invest into it you should look for that the tool you are purchasing should do a wide range of jobs. After it completes your current requirement it should help you in other projects as well. Make sure to buy one which uses different kinds and sizes of staple & have a tool free depth adjustment mechanism.


As pneumatic staple guns deal with high pressure and high driving rate, if anything goes wrong then it can harm the user or people around the work area. You should wear safety glasses and gloves while using these tools. While purchasing you should consider that the tool should come with a user manual (helps you to minimize the setup/usage mistake), have a comfortable grip and lightweight. Many injuries happen due to mishandling the tool and misfires, hence we recommend you to read the previous buyers feedback about misfire occurrence before making a decision.


These tools are expensive so you should consider the warranty period provided by the manufacturer. Most of the manufacturer provides a standard 1 year warranty.


Make sure you check the material used to manufacture the staple gun. These staple guns should be made of aluminum, steel or magnesium which gives it a strong and lightweight feature. You should always look for value for the money you are willing to pay to the manufacturer.

Few Common Q/A By People About Pneumatic Staple Gun

Do I need to purchase an air compressor separately?

Yes, you have to purchase it after buying the pneumatic staple gun. The pneumatic gun’s power source is air and it comes from the compressor.

What is the best pneumatic staple gun for upholstery?

According to our research the best gun for upholstery is Porter-Cable US58. You can even consider Surebonder 9600B because in 2016 it was ranked one of the top 9 upholstery pneumatic staplers.

Can I order staples by dimensions?

Staples are measured by wire gauge, length and crown width. Staples always come in series and the series doesn’t tell much about the dimensions. One more thing every pneumatic staple gun accepts only specific set of staples so look into the manual before ordering staples.

What are the safety measures I need to take while using pneumatic staple guns?

  • Wear impact resistant eye wear glasses that protect your eyes because fastening activities most of the time requires close up look and if in case it gets misfire then the nails or staples might bounce back and hit at your eyes or face.
  • Always keep the gun close to the surface, and aim downwards.
  • Always cut off the power source if the stapler is not in use and keep it away from children.

What is the best pneumatic staple gun in the market?

To answer this we have created this list from our research. We have covered some of the great brands such as HitachiDewaltSurebonderBostitch etc. You can even browse other air staple guns for sale or if you are looking for any new features as per your requirements. Definitely, I can guarantee that this list will save your hours of time which you may spend on the internet if you are planning to buy it online.

The Bottom Line

We hope by reading this article you must have understood the key features to look for while buying an air staple gun. Please list out your requirements and budget which will help you to make a quick buying decision.

Almost all brand models come with the same features, so the key points to look at is its durability, value for money and how safe the tool to use. Make sure you quickly go through other customers’ feedback for their recent experience with the tool.

If you have liked this article then please share with others so it will save their time and help them in making quick decisions on buying pneumatic staple gun.