Best Electric Staple Gun And Guidelines Before Buy

The electric staple gun is powered by electricity which makes it very convenient to use as compared to manual staple guns (requires a lot of muscle power and ends up making you tired & joint pains) and pneumatic staple guns (always needs an expensive and huge air compressor).

Always it seems that buying online is easy but we end up opening many tabs on our browsers and find it difficult to choose a final product to place the order. On top of that the positive product reviews written by paid ad writers makes us even more confused to make a decision.

To help you in your purchase decision we have written this article from our extensive research. Here we are listing out the top 8 electric staple guns and included a buying guide with some popular questions asked by other buyers before choosing a model.

Our top 8 Electric Staple Guns

All products listed are independently selected, although we may receive affiliate commissions if you buy something through our links. Ratings and prices are accurate and items are in stock as of the time of publication.

8. DEWALT 5-in-1 Multi-tacker and Electric Staple Gun

This DEWALT electric staple gun is a versatile tool which loads 5 different types of nailers and staples. This is an ideal tool for installing insulation sheets, carpets and lightweight trim works.

  • It accepts brads and staples from narrow cable, heavy duty and both 18 gauge brads & headless brads.
  • Like most of the staplers it has a user friendly bottom loading magazine feature.
  • It comes with a power adjustment and multi taking feature.
  • Like other DEWALT staplers it has the same ergonomic grip which gives you firm control on the tool.
  • The integrated wire guide helps you to fasten wire easily.



7. NEU MASTER NTC0023 Rechargeable Nail Gun/Staple Gun

This NEU Master NTC0023 is a powerful cordless electric stapler. This one is powered by the 20 volt li-ion rechargeable battery which gives you the freedom from the cord or air compressor. It is an ideal tool to use on light materials such as insulation sheets installing, shelving, picture framing, door molding installation, upholstery, lightweight decoration trim.

  • Its spiral drive technology delivers 1100 shots on full battery charge.
  • The no-marring rubber protects the surface/material from getting scratches or damages which helps on delivering perfect work.
  • It loads 2 different types of brad nail and staples: 18 gauge brad nail with length from 5/8″ to 1-1/4″ and 1/4″ crown staple from 5/8″ to 1” which makes it versatile.
  • The ergonomic grip gives comfort to your hand.
  • The LED light at the nose gives the illumination to fasten the nails or staples at the tight and dark areas.
  • It has a power adjustable dial and also comes with a quick release mechanism.
  • The magazine has the capacity of 100 staples or nails



6. NEU MASTER NTC0040 Electric Staple Gun / Nail Gun

Another NEU Master staple gun got a place in our curated list of electric staple guns. This versatile corded gun is ideal to use for light duty projects such as softwood DIY, carpentry, small upholstery, window and door molding installation and picture framing.

  • It is manufactured with nylon which makes it strong with lightweight ness.
  • It loads both nails and staples which makes it usable in different types of projects. The 18GA narrow crown staples from 5/8″ to 3/4” length and 5/8″ to 1” length brad nails can be used with this tool.
  • The ergonomic soft grip handle gives comfort and firm grip to use the tool for better fastening.
  • The no marring rubber nose protects the surface from scratches and damages.
  • Adjustable power knob to manage the gun’s power while using on different types of surfaces



5. CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Electric Staple Gun / Brad Nailer Kit

This Craftsman brand electric staple gun is part of the V20 cordless system. It is powered by a 20 volt li-ion rechargeable battery which gives absolute convenience of using the tool.

  • With 4 hours of charging the battery it can drive around 400 nails.
  • Regardless of various materials or weather conditions it gives consistent driving power.
  • It shoots nails very fast in a single full cycle charge battery which reduces the downtime hence increases the efficiency.
  • It adjusts driving power based on various materials thanks to the inbuilt tool free easy to use depth setting dial.
  • It’s lightweight ness and comfortable handle grip reduces the stress on your hands while using the tool for a long time.
  • The tool free jam mechanism reduces the jams and increases its efficiency.



4. BHTOP Cordless Electric Staple Gun

These BHTOP cordless staple guns are ideal to use for stapling cardboard, leather, upholstery, foils and other DIY works.

  • Its steady driving force comes from a 4VElectric staple with 1.5 Ah lithium ion battery.
  • With a full battery charge it can fire 1000 shots with a firing speed of 30 nails per minute.
  • This tool loads both 18 gauge 0.39” brad nails and 18 gauge 0.31” staples.
  • It is a very lightweight tool that weighs only 1.95 pounds.
  • It has a LED indicator for indicating power status so you can recharge the battery before using the tool.
  • Loading of nails/staples is very convenient thanks to its easy and quick bottom loading magazine.
  • The magazine window lets you keep track of the quantity of nails so you can avoid firing an empty drive by refilling it beforehand.
  • It can easily be charged with your mobile plug or laptop USB.
  • This tool is extra safe because of its triple lock mechanism: first use the on/off switch, then trigger it and finally push the front to shoot the staples

The entire tool kit consists of the brad nail gun, charging cable, USB plug, 500 8mm staples, 500 10mm 18 gauge nails and an instruction manual.



3. VonHaus 18v Cordless Nail Gun / Staple Gun

This VonHaus 18V cordless nail gun is ideal to use for medium duty work like carpeting, fabrics, underlay, upholstery and roofing.

  • It has a driving force adjustable controller to use on different hardened materials or surfaces.
  • The anti jam mechanism helps in uninterrupted firing shots.
  • To prevent accidental firing it comes with a contact safety switch.
  • It loads both nailers and staples.
  • The magazine has a capacity of 100 nailer/stapler with a firing speed of 20 pieces per minute.
  • It has an ergonomically designed soft grip to comfort your hands.
  • The battery fully charges within 90 minutes thanks to the fast charging mechanism.
  • This tool is compatible with various types of staples and nailers which makes it one of the most versatile electric guns in our list.
  • It is compatible with 18 gauge 1/4″ narrow crown staples with lengths of 9/16”, 5/8″, 5/7”,3/4″ and 13/16” and 18 gauge crown nails with length of 9/16”, 13/6”,1”,1-3/16″,and 1-1/4″.
  • This tool box consists of the cordless gun, 2Ah Li-ion battery,charging cable, 500 pieces of 3/4″ staples and 500 pieces of 1” brad nails



2. Stanley TRE550Z Electric Staple Gun / Brad Nail Gun

This Stanley electric staple gun is ideal for heavy duty work because it has an outstanding driving power.



  • Due to high driving power the staple/nail penetration level is also outstanding.
  • The driving power can be adjusted to high or low with the hi/low lever for hard or soft materials respectively.
  • The reloading of the magazine is simple and easy to do as compared to other available electric staple guns in the market.
  • It comes with a 8 foot power cord which gives you the flexibility to move in the work environment.
  • The quick jam clear mechanism helps you to get rid of jams swiftly, that saves a lot of time and increases productivity.
  • It is compatible with Arrow T-50 heavy duty staples or Stanley sharpshooter TRA700 series and 1/2″, 9/16”, & 5/8″ brads.
  • This flush long nose electric staple gun can reach tight places to staple.
  • Next to the nose it has a window to indicate the bards so you can understand when to reload the gun.
  • The contoured grip designed to give comfort to your hands

With all the above features. It is one of the most affordable guns as compared to the others in our list. With this affordable cost the manufacturer doesn’t provide staples/nails with the tool kit.

1. Makita XTS01Z 18V LXT Crown Staple Gun

The Makita XTS01Z electric staple gun has placed first position in our curated list hence according to our research it is the best electric staple gun available in the market. It is a cordless gun and powered by an 18V lithium ion battery. It is ideal to staple on hardwoods such as cherry, maple, oak etcetera.

  • This powerful tool drives a wide range of 3/8″ crown staples with lengths of 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″,9/6”, 5/8″, 3/4″ and 7/8″. It can also load Arrow T50 staple.
  • The adjustment knob helps to set up the depth easily.
  • It has a staples indicating window which inform you in advance to reload so you can avoid empty drives.
  • The magazine is a machined rugged aluminum which lets you easily and smoothly reload staple strips.
  • The driving force is powered by a spring loaded mechanism which makes it more compact and lightweight. This tool is 9-7/8″ in length and weighs only 5.3 lbs.
  • The ergonomically designed handle with soft grip fits well into your hand and reduces fatigue.



More importantly, it comes with an efficient power management technology which protects the battery from overheating, overload and over discharge, hence increases the battery life. The disadvantage about this tool is that it comes without a battery, so you have to spend extra money to purchase it.

Few Guidelines Need To Understand To Buy The Best Electric Staple Gun In This Crowded Market

By now you must have got some idea about the electric staples, different available brands in the market. From the above list of top 8 electric staple guns you must have figured out the features you are looking to have in your staple gun. Apart from features you need to consider below suggestions as well to get the best possible electric staple gun which solves your purpose.

1. Corded Staple Gun vs Cordless Staple Gun; Which one is the best?

Electric guns come with both corded and cordless. If you are looking for more portability then you should buy the cordless. The only drawback of the corded guns are the long curds which tangled up easily and annoys you while working. Apart from the tangle issue the corded guns will stop working if there is a disturbance in the electricity but the cordless works till the battery drains out. For cordless guns make sure you check for the voltage because the higher voltage provides better and longer performance.

2. Versatility (Staples & Nails)

Using a wider range of both staples and nails makes an electric staple gun versatile. It is an important factor to consider because you are spending a lot of money to buy the tool so it should help you in various types of projects. Make sure you go for the gun which uses standard staple and nails because finding specific types of staple/nails is difficult and expensive.

3. Ease of use (Compact, Lightweight & Comfortable)

Make sure you look for a simple to use staple gun, if it is loaded with unwanted features and complex to use then you might not use it properly to its fullest potential. Improper usage can damage the internal parts and some specific mechanisms which ends up destroying the entire tool and you will lose all your money. Make sure it is lightweight and comfortable to use otherwise you will get fatigue and which won’t let you to work on longer projects.

4. Budget & Durability

Budget is an important factor at the end for whatever item we purchase. Don’t get lure with low cost unknown brands, it might attract you to purchase but don’t fall for it. The safest bet to get a quality and durable tool is to get from popular brands. If the unknown brand staple is broken then it might not be covered with proper warranty or they don’t have proper service which ends of throwing this into the bin. Getting a branded one protects you with their warranties and after purchase support.

People Ask These Questions

#What are the basic purposes of electric staple guns?

Electric staples guns can be used for both heavy duty and light duty works. Few basic and frequent usages of these tools are decoration, upholstery, carpet and screen fastening, wood works, and other DIYs.

#What makes a good electric staple gun?

The definition of a good electric staple gun is ease of use. The must look for features to judge a good electric staple gun are durability, compact, lightweight, portable, cost effective, jam free mechanism and should use various types of staples and brad nails.

#What is the best electric staple gun for upholstery?

In our curated list we have listed the versatile electric staple guns which addresses a lot of purposes. If you are specifically looking for upholstery work then I would recommend going for VonHaus 18V cordless nail gun because it uses a wide range of staple/nails and is easy to use. Apart from this you can even consider to buy NEU Master NTC0023 or NEU Master NTC0040.

#What is the price range of the best electric staple guns?

Electric staple guns always come in a higher price range. Buying it from online E-commerce websites is going to be beneficial because some manufacturers just quote 60% of the standard price (MSRP) on these websites. For a price range of $100 to $150 USD you can get a high quality tool.

***While purchasing you should look for accessories you will get with the tool kit, because some tool kits don’t include the battery or charger. For this you have to spend extra money.

#What safety measures do I need to take while using electric staple guns?

These powerful tools come with a high driving power and driving speed, so you should be careful while using it or else you might harm yourself as well as people around you. You should look for the tools which come with an inbuilt safety mechanism which protects you. You should also wear safety glasses and gloves. Keep the electric power tools always disconnected from its power source and keep it away from children.


I hope this curated list, buying guide and FAQs will help you to find the right tool for your next project. I believe that our curated list will help you to make a right buying decision whether you are a novice or pro.

We have presented the 8 best electric staple gun of 2020, and if you choose any of these according to your requirement it will do the job but at the end the decision is yours.