Best Contour Gauges Of 2022 To Duplicate Any Irregular Shapes

If you are planning to install carpet or tile in an area that is surrounded by stairs, furniture, plumbing materials or any irregular shapes then the contour gauge comes in handy to copy or record the exact shape. Recording exact shape helps the floor designers to make a perfect cut which leads to finished and precise work.

A best contour gauge can capture irregular, inclined, curved shapes and help you to make precise cuts. It works on a very simple principle of pressing this tool against a shape to capture. It consists of a set of plastic or steel tiny pins tightly assembled against each other in a frame. This frame allows the pins to move or slide on pressing them against an object horizontally to capture the shape.

In the marketplace, there are different brands and types of contour gauges are available which makes it difficult to choose and buy one for your measuring toolbox. To help you on this part we have curated our top contour gauge list.

Top 8 Contour Duplication Gauge to Consider to Buy for Your Tool Box


8. KEGOUU Shape Contour Gauge Duplicator

The KEGOUU easy outline gauge can be used to replicate the shape of circular frames, fitting laminates, carpet, tiles, round columns, ducts, pipes, on car bodies, carpentry and other woodworking projects.

This high quality contour gauge is manufactured by using upgraded aluminum mandrel and ABS plastic, hence it provides more durability. Apart from that it is rustproof and the high definition laser cutting lines helps clear and easy to read measurements.

It comes with a double scale copier i.e. inch and centimeter to provide accuracy in measurement. As compared to regular contour gauges it is 1.3 inch wider, which helps to replicate bigger areas. It is widen in design, easy to use, comes with a flexible movement and holds shapes very well. Due to all these features it is a must to have in the toolbox which will save your time and improve your work efficiency.

Q – Can I adjust the original setting?

If you feel that the original setting is too tight or loose then you can adjust the screws on both sides by using a screwdriver.

Q – Does it have a locking mechanism?

No, it doesn’t have a locking mechanism. But once you set it up then it doesn’t lose the shape while tracing.

Q – What is the size of this contour gauge and how many pins per inch?

5.1 inch in width and 10 inch in length. It has 16 pins per inch.


7. Goldblatt Tool Company G02102 10 Inch Contour Gauge

The Goldblatt tool company G202102 PaceSetter contour duplication gauge is made in China. It has a dimension of 9.75″ Length, 5.46″ Width, 4.86″ Height with a weight of 4.4 lb. It is made up of corrosion-proof materials and the in-built ruler is easy to ready.

The pins of this tools are not sturdy as compared to other contour gauges. We recommend to use it for rough work, if you are looking for accuracy then you might struggle a bit with this tool.

Q – Is it plastic or metal?

It is a plastic contour gauge.

Q – How deep can this tool measure?

It measures 2 inches.

Q – Does it come with a locking mechanism?

It doesn’t have a locking mechanism, and barely it holds the shape. So it is recommended for rough use only.


6. YIZRIO Contour Gauge Tool

The YIZIRO contour gauge tool can be used to capture the shapes of pipes, tiles, carpet, molding, circular frames, conduits, and other woodworking projects. To give durability and sturdiness, it is made up of high quality ABS plastic. It gives high precision calibration for capturing accurate measurements, hence it helps you on precise cuts. It also comes with a magnet adsorption mechanism.

It is very easy to use, you can press the teeth against the object to replicate the shape and then you can trace it. The dimension of the tool is 152 mm length, 115 mm width and 20 mm height.

Q- What is the use of magnetic adsorption mechanism?

In case you are using it on your ceiling and you don’t have a place to keep it then you can stick it on your ladder.

Q- How deep can this tool measure?

This contour gauge measures 5 inch or 125 mm.

Q- How big a semi-circular mark can it replicate?

The maximum depth of the shape is 45 mm, hence you can mark a semi-circle with a radius of 45 mm.


5. Relitec Contour Gauge Duplicator

The best thing about the Relitec contour gauge is that it comes in a set of 2 gauges with two different sizes i.e. 5 inches and 10 inches in length. You can use this contour gauge duplicator to replicate shapes from circular frames, laminate, carpet, vinyl flooring, porcelain, car bodies, ducts, tiles, and other metal & woodworking.

This tool is high in strength, durable, and tough thanks to the material ABS plastic on which it is made of. It can easily replicate a shape just by pressing its teeth against the object and the tight teeth keep the shape as it is while tracing, hence it lets you cut perfect shapes.

Q- What are the measuring depths?

The 10 inch contour gauge measures depth 50% more as compared to regular ones. While the 5 inch contour gauge is convenient to carry around in the work field.

Q- Does it lock in place?

No, it doesn’t lock but the tight teeth don’t deform. So, the manufacturer boasts that this contour gauge doesn’t need a locking mechanism.

Q- What are the dimensions of both the contour gauges?

Contour GaugeLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (g)
5 Inch14610521173
10 Inch27513521396

4. ComfiTime Instant Template Gauge – 2PCS

Like the previous brand, ComfiTime instant template gauge also comes in a set of 2 contour gauges with two different sizes of 5 inches and 10 inches. Both the gauges can measure depth up to 3 inches (76 mm) while the standard gauge can measure depth only up to 1.5 inches (40 mm).

Both the gauges are made up of high-quality ABS plastic pins for durability and strength. The 10 inches gauge comes with an aluminum core for the extra sturdiness of the pins which helps you to mark shape and carry the gauge to different places for making a perfect cut.

Q-  How many pins are there per inch?

Both the 5 inches and 10 inches contour gauges have 16 pins per inch for accuracy in measurement.

Q- Can this copy the shape of crown molding?

Crown molding shapes are complex and hard to copy. But this contour gauge can easily copy this complex shape.

Q- Where is it manufactured?

It is manufactured in China but branded in the USA.


3. Meethome Contour Gauge

The Meethome shape contour gauge duplicator is made of high-quality ABS plastic which gives it strength and durability. It has a dimension of 5.75 inches Length and 4.13 inches in width.

It can easily capture shapes of irregular items such as round columns, pipes, conduits, auto body parts, woodworking, vinyl flooring, tiles, or any work related to contour duplication. It can be used as a professional tool.

Q- How to use a contour gauge?

This Meethome contour gauge is easy to use. You can press the gauge against any irregular shape to capture it.

Q- Does it have a locking mechanism?

No, It doesn’t have a locking mechanism but it is sturdy enough to use.

Q- What is the measuring range?

It has a measuring range of 0 to 120 mm.


2. General Tools 833 Plastic Contour Gauge

This instant template tool is highly recommended for professionals and DIYers. This 10 inches contour gauge tool can capture any irregular shapes instantly at ease. It is ideal for woodworking, ceramic tiles installing, linoleum installing and other contour duplication work.

The specialty of this tool is that it can combine with another 10″ gauge when a 20″ base is required to make a large contour gauge. It is made up of durable and tough plastic. You can store it easily thanks to the 4 magnets embedded in the back of the tool.

Q- How many teeth does it have per inch?

This 10″ contour gauge has 18 teeth per inch.

Q- Can I connect it with another gauge?

Yes, you can connect it with another 10″ gauge to make the base 20″.

Q- What depth can it measure?

It can measure up to 32 mm.


1. General Tools 837 an Instant Template for Curved Contour Gauge

Another general tool contour gauge model has taken the first place in our list. This gauge easily creates an instant template for curved & odd-shaped profiles. This 6 inches contour gauge has stainless steel pins. The 35 leaves per inch give absolute accuracy in measurements. You can use this tool for linoleum installation, woodworking, and other shape capturing work. Parts are brass plated and enamel painted which gives it a rich look.

The ultra-thin pins measure profiles up to 3-1/2 inches deep. Some other features of this contour gauge are durable, tough, corrosion-resistant & great precision. Its absolute measurements will help you to cut precise shapes at ease.

Q- Can I use this on glass?

Yes, you can use it against the glass to capture the shapes.

Q- Are the stainless steel pins/leaves stiff?

Yes, initially the pins are stiff.

Q- What depth contour it can measure?

The maximum depth contour is 2″.


Things to consider while buying a contour gauge

1. Length & Depth

While replicating an object shape, considering the length of the gauge is important. If it is too short then you might not capture the entire shape. Just like length you also need to consider the depth to capture a larger diameter.

2. Pin Material and Accuracy

From our research, we found that there are only 2 types of pin materials: ABS Plastic and Stainless steel. Both types of pins have their own advantages and disadvantages. The ABS plastic doesn’t rust and doesn’t produce scratches but it comes with a thicker pin, hence thicker pins reduces the measurement accuracy. On the other hand, the Stainless Steel pins are thin which gives highly precision cuts but it may scratch the surface and after the removal of the coated material it can rust.

3. Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism helps you to keep the captured shape while migrating the contour gauge. Imagine how annoying it will be if the pins were disassembled while carrying a measured contour gauge. So this locking mechanism helps the pins to stay assembled after capturing a shape.

4. Join-able

The join-able feature helps you to join 2 profile gauges to increase the capturing length to measure wider corners/shapes. If you are dealing with small objects then you can dis-join them.



Q – What is a contour gauge?

It is a tool that helps you to capture irregular shapes so you don’t have to guess and cut tiles, carpets, or other woodworking. It can easily duplicate any shapes so you can precisely cut the parts.

Q – What are the pins used in this tool?

In the market, there are two types of pins available: ABS Plastic and Stainless steel.

Q – On which objects or materials can I use contour gauges?

Contour gauges can duplicate any shapes. You can use it on tiles, vinyl flooring, porcelain, carpets, auto bodies, conduits, round pipes and columns, laminates, linoleum, woodworking, etc.

Q – How to use a contour gauge?

Use a contour gauge is very easy. You can press the gauge against any irregular shape to capture it.

You can see this video from Finish Carpentry TV


Conclusion: What is the best contour gauge?

We did all the research and have listed out 8 best contour gauges to help you on whittling down your buying list. But at the same time you can browse other brands and products which suffice requirements. If you are buying from online stores make sure you read recent customer feedback which gives very useful information.

We would recommend a few points to consider such as pins, durability, measurement accuracy, safety features. A high-quality tool helps you to save time, increase your efficiency and leads to a perfect finished product.

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