5 Different Ways To Use A Staple Gun In Your Projects

A staple gun can be used for many different purposes. There are three main types of staple guns: a manual, an electric, and an air compressor staple gun. Depending on the type of task as well as the material of your project, we will have to choose the right one, and the right size of staples to avoid jamming and other problems.

1. Carpeting

best staple gun for carpeting

Staple guns can be used for many different home improvement projects. One of the most popular projects using staple guns is carpeting. Carpets can be fixed by a staple gun, not only on the floor you can also fix them on the wall. It is very useful in cases where you want to attach carpets to the wall for soundproofing, for example.

2. Upholstery

best staple gun for upholstery

One of the other popular home improvement projects you can use with the staple gun is the upholstery. By pinning staple through the wrap to the frame of the sofa or your chairs. You can turn your old chairs to become more innovative with a new coating and neat. In this case, you will need a high power stapler because they need to be able to penetrate through the upholstery and staples to the frame of the chair that can be hardwood.

3. Decorating projects

best staple gun for picture framing

A staple gun is also ideal for some basic decorating projects. For example, you can make an amazing frame around your artwork. Or simply pin the bows or decorations to the door frame or onto the wall on festive occasions.

4. Small construction jobs

easy squeeze staple gun

A staple gun can also be used in some small construction jobs. When you have small pieces of wood or cloth and want to take advantage of them to create a small house for your pet. You can use your stapler to reconnect them. For example, make a bird’s nest from pieces of wood and fabric, slightly bigger to create a house for your lovely cats or dogs from wooden sticks of packing boxes.

5. Packing

Packing with stapler

With a staple gun, you can pack parcels to send away. You will think about why not use packing tape? I will explain below. If you need to move a package away or it will be delivered through areas with adverse weather conditions. The adhesive on the packaging tape will melt and cause your package to inflate. Not good, is it? With this tool, you won’t have to worry about that, it won’t happen.

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